Meridian Behavioral Health

Florida’s leading provider of outpatient, forensic, and school-based mental healthcare treatment services.

Mental health, addiction and emotional well being challenges are on the rise.  Shortages in mental health services are widespread across the US with the most underserved areas in middle America and the South. This impacts 132 million Americans. 

This is why Meridian Behavioral Health, a leading provider in outpatient, forensic and school based mental health treatment services, entered into a strategic relationship with Inner Health. This adds innovative mental health solutions designed to help remotely monitor patients behavioral health and alert care teams on worsening conditions. With Inner Health, Meridian patients are empowered through appropriate tools that provide behavioral insights back to the care team so that the right care can be provided at the right time. There is a tremendous need to proactively address mental health challenges particularly among adolescents and young adults. Offering solutions that increase the value to youth will help them navigate daily stresses especially as the pandemic continues to transform their worlds. 

Inner Health platform is designed to help fill the gaps that may exist in outpatient and school based treatment by proactively detecting potential issues and to get ahead of adverse events before the person’s condition worsens.