A Mental Health Care Platform Erasing Cracks In Mental Health Care

Increasing Successful Outcomes in Youth Mental Health

Through Moment to Moment Tracking of Behavior and Thoughts

Anonymous Tracking Of Behavioral Health

Designed with experts in adolescent and young adult mental illness.

Inner Health measures treatment by making it easy to collect behavioral health insights at scale. Inner Health brings the care team together seamlessly to avoid costly ED and CSU visits.

Right Provider for the Right Patient

Designed by multidisciplinary care teams to prioritize level of care.

Inner Health empowers the care team to prioritize deteriorating patients and assign the right level of care. Inner Health integrates into clinical decision support and simplifies workflows across the organization.

Stepped care approach for adolescents and young adults

Support continuity of care through stepped care approach

Inner Health offers self care pathways, integrates into mental health and substance abuse clinic models, primary clinician referral models and urgent care models.