A Mental Health Care Platform Erasing Cracks In Mental Health Care

Welcome to Inner Health

Hi! I’m Priya Rudradas, CEO and Co-Founder of Inner Health and I am happy to announce the launch of Inner Health, a behavioral health platform that helps providers continuously and consistently deliver treatment to patients and track their progress. At Inner Health we are focused on over 2 million lives experiencing mental health and substance abuse disorders. 42% of youth reporting mental illness remain untreated and 87% of youth reporting substance abuse disorders remain untreated. My journey into mental health care started with the loss of friends and family to suicide and watching my own young children struggle with anxiety, depression and ADHD. Inner Health is the result of the insights gathered while I tried to make sense of treatment, insurance coverage, family awareness, therapeutic alliances and access to good providers.

My CTO and co-Founder, Spencer Simonsen, has had his own experiences with mental illness. As a member of the LGBTQ community he realizes the greater risk for mental health conditions and suicidality in his community. Youth in the LGBTQ community are more than twice as likely to report experiencing persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness than their heterosexual peers.

Together we have built Inner Health, a behavioral health online software and infrastructure designed to deliver and remotely monitor behavioral health while seamlessly integrating into other clinical decision making systems. We designed it with leaders in mental health services, their providers and their patients in mind.

Inner Health can be used to proactively identify decompensation in a patient while they are in their natural environment. This allows providers to deploy the right action plan and resources to the patient at the right time. This results in lowering emergency room and critical stabilization unit admissions, costs of treatment, risk of self harm and waste in the system. For young people the platform improves therapeutic relationship and continuity of care through self paced pathways.

Our first ever pilot study starts this September with an exciting partnership with Meridian Behavioral health. Meridian Behavioral Health is a leading provider of outpatient, forensic and school based mental health treatment services. Meridian touches thousands of lives every year through their services. Over the course of 30 days youth receiving out-patient services at Meridian will track behavior, thoughts and their goals daily. If you are simply curious about our new program and want to learn more please visit InnerHealth.ai.

With advances in technology, as well as big data, Inner Health really has the potential to change the game for healthcare organizations and their patients by providing meaningful, evidence-based and accessible tools for treatment. But technology alone cannot solve disparities. Health organizations, payors and policy leaders need to work together to make a difference. As we continue to roll out to new hospital systems, clinics and their providers we want your feedback. Do you know a healthcare or provider we should chat with that could use Inner Health to help their patients? Let me know by sending an email to priya@innerhealth.ai

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I am so glad you are interested in the Inner Health community. I am honored to be on this journey with you.

Best wishes,
Priya Rudradas