A Mental Health Care Platform Erasing Cracks In Mental Health Care

A contemporary way for clients to stay engaged and confident in therapy.

Keep in touch with your therapist all the way through the therapy journey.

Inner Health is a standardized and evidence-based tool that helps patients by improving treatment effectiveness, symptom management, and communication with clinicians. By using validated tools to monitor symptoms, track progress, and inform treatment decisions, Inner Health provides personalized care based on data and evidence, improving the quality of care for patients.

A unique and differentiated way for Mental Health Providers to be offer effective therapy.

Differentiate yourself from competition: assess, monitor symptoms, and treat with a personal plan.

InnerHealth helps clinicians by providing real-time information about a patient’s symptoms, which can inform treatment decisions. By using standardized and validated tools to monitor symptoms and track progress over time, InnerHealth will help clinicians provide more personalized and effective care. 

An efficient way for Mental Health and Substance Abuse services to deliver quality care and reduce clinician load.

Boost cash by lessening clinician work, enhancing treatment access and results.

InnerHealth can benefit healthcare organizations by improving efficiency, enhancing quality of care, and supporting evidence-based decision-making. By automating symptom monitoring and data collection, InnerHealth can save time and standardizing tools can improve care quality. InnerHealth data can also be used to evaluate treatment effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.